All prices are in CZK


100g Beetroot carpaccio with arugula, natural cheese and toast  99,-
120g Grilled brie-type cheese with cranberries and toast 115,-


Beef bront with root vegetables and noodles 55,-
Russian borscht with sour cream drop 55,-
Soup of the day 35,-


150g Butterfish with grilled vegetables and creamy potatoes 

150g Norwegian salmon steak with lemon sousce and potato ravioli cheese 245,-

Traditional czech pub foodu

120g Home marinated camembert 92,-
2 ks Pickled sausages 79,-
  Crackling spread with baked loaves of bread 95,-
  Grilled sausage, mustard, horseradish 85,-
700g Roasted Honey Spareribs 195,-
  “Pilsen-style” roasted pork knee, mustard, horseradish 225,-
450g Pramen wings with blue cheese dressing  159,-
150g Beef tartare with toast and garlic 150,-
150g Traditional fried cheese with fries and tartar sauce 149,-
200g Fried pork or chicken schnitzel 149,-

Main dishes

200g Slowly roll grilled pork tenderloin with pink pepper sauce and baked potatoes 225,-
150g Pilsner beef goulash with bread dumplings 155,-
200g Chicken steak with blue cheese dressing and fries  180,-
200g Boneless cutlet with roosted beans and home fries 225,-
200g Grilled pork tenderloin with wild mushroom ragout and potato rest 229,-
300g King Royal steak (marinated pork) with two sauces (BBG, garlic) 229,-
200g Rump steak with sauteed mushrooms, red onion and white wine, baked potatoes in their 269,-
600g PRAMEN platter for two people
(bbq ribs, spring wings, grilled bacon, chicken fillet 2, 2 Needle chicken, fries, herb baguette, blue chese sauce, bbq sauce)
650g Mix grill for two people
(pork, chicken steak, rump steak, pickled mushrooms, stuffed peppers, roasted potatoes)


250g Gnocchi Spinaci
(spinach, cream, chicken, parmesan)
250g Gnocchi SICILIANA
(tomato sugo, eggplant, zucchini, pancetta, parmesan)
250g Gnocchi Carbonara
(bacon, cream, eggs)


300g Romaine salad with dressing, chicken, croutons and parmesan 155,-
300g Salad Cheff ( variation vegetable, chicken, bacon, toast, American dressing 155,-
200g Greek salad with feta cheese 79,-

Side dishes

150g Creamy potatoes  39,-
150g Baked potatoes in their skins 39,-
200g Lumberjack potatoes
(baked potatoes, onions, bacon, herb cream cheese)
150g Crushed potatoes 39,-
150g French fries 39,-
150g Croquettes (rollers) 39,-
60g Tartar sauce 20,-
60g Dressing - DIP (BBQ, garlic, cheese) 25,-
  Basket of bread 15,-
1 ks Garlic bread 25,-
1 ks To go box 10,-


Baked pancakes with forest fruit sauce and homemade whipped cream  99,-
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream 99,-
Dessert of the day